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Launch Your Store & Manage Its Success, Online
Invite the world to the launch of your new retail location via Metropole360s Brochures and Metrogram e-mails. Instantly transport buyers, merchandisers and the press into your showroom to view your latest collection (from their desks). Then use our solution to manage your in-store operations, to ensure that displays are merchandised properly. Rollout new merchandise themes nationwide by enabling contractors, architects, planners and store managers to view model stores as if they were there. Using Metropole360, your onsite staff can easily communicate to the corporate office via 360 Brochures automatically accessed on the Internet or intranet. Metropole360 saves you the time and expense of multiple site visits. Now all your stores can be monitored 24/7 via Metropole360s "virtual access." It enables your most qualified employees to review hourly, daily or weekly 360 visual reports from their desks, maximizing the value of your best people. Metropole maximizes your productivity by reducing the need for travel as you can now visually manage your entire operations from the comfort of your desk.

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