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"Onsite" Construction Management From Your Office
Metropole 360 image-based workflow solutions eliminate unnecessary site visits, enabling construction managers to manage multiple projects more effectively. Using 360 visual reports of the construction site there is little concern that important details will be overlooked as Metropole360 captures everything. With Metropole360, you can review issues and plans visually with your client, expert or subcontractor ahead of making potentially costly or irreversible mistakes. Simply transport them visually (from separate locations) to the site by showing a comprehensive 360 real-time Brochure. In addition, Metropole360 helps you create and maintain accurate records of existing conditions and construction progress to provide comprehensive online reports to your clients. Any relevant file can be attached to your construction Brochure report, including: general conditions, floor plans, AutoCAD, bids and contracts. Metropole360 saves you and your clients time and money by providing 24/7 "visual access" to any jobsite.

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