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Company History

The Metropole Evolution
Metropole started as a real estate company. Our founders have spent more than twenty years, individually, working with the world’s leading commercial real estate firms. We know what it takes to market and manage properties. Like you, we watched our most talented executives spending time and effort away from servicing clients and closing deals in order to implement property marketing campaigns...

We Knew There Was A Better Way...
Leveraging our real estate expertise we partnered with leading companies, sought best-of-breed technologies and attracted talented professionals to build the first ever online Real Estate-Friendly property marketing and management solution. In 1999, we founded Metropole Worldwide LLC to bring real estate centric digital imaging solutions to market, such as the OneShot360, the easiest and quickest way to take a 360° picture. In the summer of 2001, we partnered with Nikon, Inc. and introduced the System-In-A-Box, that includes everything brokers need to capture their own virtual tours. Expanding our offering, we launched a comprehensive online property marketing and management system -- Metropole360 Brochure Builder.

Metropole360 is the culmination of a quest we began years ago. We have created a viable solution to simplify real estate communications. We hope that you will join the many Metropole360 enabled companies and individuals, who are spending less time marketing properties and more time closing deals. We invite you to click and scroll through the pages within to learn more about Metropole360 and find the right products for your company.

Metropole - (met'ro’pol) n. The epicenter of prominent space such as a city, building or real estate property. The word is derived from the combination of metro, short for metropolitan, and pole, a fixed point of reference. When used in the modern vernacular with 360°, infers that one can see a complete space in one single view as if he/she were standing in the middle of the site


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