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Managing 200 stores in 58 counties worldwide is difficult, especially if you are ESCADA, one of the world's largest luxury fashion brands known for outstanding quality.  With management in Munich and shops worldwide, ESCADA turned to Metropole360 to help them shorten the lines of communications between store operations and corporate headquarters.  

Metropole360's Camera System and Brochure Builder solutions enabled ESCADA to transport their management, vendors, buyers into their showrooms worldwide.   When ESCADA launched its new flagship store in New York City, they used Metropole360's products to provide 24/7 "virtual access" to the store's build out, launch party and ongoing operations. 

Today, ESCADA leverages Metropole360 on its intranet to rollout new merchandise themes nationwide by enabling contractors, architects, planners and store managers to view 360° Brochures of their new displays and fashions.  By maximizing Metropole360's workflow technologies, ESCADA is saving significant time and expense of multiple site visits. 

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