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MOVADO is a brand consistent with design and innovation in time technology, with watches in permanent collections of 20 museums worldwide, and a series of boutiques situated throughout the world, including 12 throughout the United States.  With offices in Switzerland, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan, MOVADO turned to Metropole360 to help them shorten the lines of communications between store operations and corporate headquarters.  

Metropole360's Camera System and Brochure Builder solutions enabled MOVADO to transport  management, vendors and buyers from any location worldwide directly to their New York showroom.   

Today, MOVADO leverages Metropole360 on its intranet by enabling contractors, architects, planners and store managers to view 360° Brochures of their new displays and fashions.   Metropole360's workflow technologies enable MOVADO to eliminate the expense of multiple site visits, creating a more efficient virtual work enviroment for key personnel worldwide. 

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